Top 12 Tips

Important questions to ask when considering a new kitchen

  1. Who is actually fitting your kitchen?
    The Kitchen company or contractors working for the kitchen company?
  2. Is your kitchen carcass on legs?
    In case of water damage
  3. What grade of timber is used in your carcass / doors/ gables etc?
    There are several available, the quality of which will determine the life span of your Kitchen
  4. Is the back of your kitchen sealed?
    To protect it from moisture which may come from your wall
  5. Are each of the carcasses sealed individually?
    To keep food fresh / utensils clean
  6. If getting a granite work top, is sufficient support put in place to take extra weight?
  7. Has an air vent been left for ovens / fridge extra?
    Could be potential fire hazard
  8. Has the floor been tiled/ timber floor laid?
    It is important the kitchen is fitted after flooring ,so that future servicing may take place for appliances
  9. Has the kitchen sink unit been left ready for Plumber?
    The Plumber is not a Cabinet Maker and may, through no fault of his own, leave an unsightly cupboard behind
  10. What are the heat and moisture levels in your Kitchen?
    These are of important considerations:
    Too high or low causes shrinkage/expansion/cracking/warping/joint separation
  11. If getting a fan/hood installed, does it need a new hole & who will do the work?
  12. Who will install your appliances?
    The kitchen company , the electrical company or you?

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